Theatrical makeup – how is it used?

Theatrical makeup, if categorized, would fall more into the “arts” section than the “beauty” section.

It is completely out there, extravagant and meant to make you look twice! Let’s take a look at how it’s used and what your best options are.

White and color theatrical make up

The big problem in the theater industry is that the make-up needs to last an entire scene – sometimes an entire show – without touch-ups. Without touch-ups, you say? Yes. Whether the actor will be dancing, singing, running, jumping or fighting (all of which can work up quite a sweat under those stage lights), the make-up must remain intact and not be allowed to run. The problem would come in when a specific actor needs to change roles – and appearance – quickly.

The make-up must be such a type that it can last throughout all the activities that are required of the actor on stage, but preferably not take very long to remove. It might sound easier to remove water-based make-up compared to oil-based greasepaint or creams, but water-based make-up is actually not an option, as it starts running at the first sign of sweating. Powder might be considered to be an easy alternative, but if it gets on the floor, the actors can slip and fall.


Kryolan is a brand synonymous with extreme movie and theater make-up. Their credits include some fantastic work including The Chronicles of Narnia and Pirates of the Caribbean. They have chemists who have been developing their professional ranges for over six decades, creating and perfecting 750 color-intense shades in over 16 000 products worldwide. Some of the benefits of using Kryolan as your make-up of choice for theatrical events include:

  • The products are color-true and performs well even under HD lighting and filming conditions
  • The products are long-lasting AND comfortable
  • The ingredients used in the products are of the highest purity to ensure unbeatable skin compatibility
  • Color continuity is guaranteed, which allows you to recreate the same look time and again
  • The Kryolan brand offers the highest degree of product safety and reliability, which is perfect for the professional environment.


Have you tried Kryolan make-up yet for your theatrical event? Tell us about it in the comment box below!

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