Stay blonde – how to fight off the yellow

When going blonde, every woman’s greatest fear is the blonde fading into a harsh, dead, yellow. So, how do you stay blonde?

When going blonde, some things may cause the colour to slowly change from blonde to yellow, and in order to avoid this, there are some preventative measures that you should keep in mind, and if it has already happened, there are ways to treat it and get it back to the colour you wanted in the first place.

1. Use purple shampoo – If you’re a blonde or even if you have highlights on darker hair, you know that over time the color can turn a hot shade of mellow yellow. Purple is exact opposite of yellow on the color wheel, which is why it cools the gold/brass tones down. It’s hard to get excited about your hair when the tone is off. You’ll want to get as dark a purple shade as possible in order to seal in the colour more than it would if the shampoo was only a light purple.

2. Use a purple or blue toner – Toners are great for removing brassy or yellow tones, but if you want to avoid being completely blue or purple, mix a little bit of toner with the dye you’d normally use. This way you’ll have the dye lightening your hair while the toner will neutralize unwanted yellow tones. You can also get a water-based (liquid) toner/tint that you can either mix with your conditioner or spray on your hair after the wash which won’t only give your hair an ashy hue but condition it and help you style it as well.

3. Use specialized lightening products – Invest in a salon quality set of shampoos and conditioner for blondes and use them instead of your regular hair care products. These products do cost a bit more but they have lightening agents that will help remove brassy or yellowish tones while keeping your hair properly conditioned.

4. Bleaching correctly – If your natural hair is rich in red pigment you will have to bleach it first in order to maintain the blonde shade you’ve worked so hard to achieve. There are ways to minimize hair damage from bleach (which is one of the major disadvantages of using bleach in the first place), such as using professional products specifically designed for use on hair, not leaving the bleach in your hair for longer than is needed, and do not repeat bleaching, except on newly grown roots as they grow out.

stay blonde

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