Right lighting when applying makeup


To make sure that your make up looks good; you have to apply your make up in the right lighting.

This will help you to avoid looking like an orange speckled egg for the rest of the day. We all know that the correct lighting to use when applying makeup is daylight. When we wake up no one feels like sitting outside doing make up. Especially not in the winter.

Sitting near a window where the sun shines in is the best place to do make up. But, when you go out at night there is no more natural day light. Then you can use the next best option: a lighted vanity mirror. But, you might want to consider some options when choosing and positioning a lighted vanity mirror.

The first is to find the right light bulbs to mimic the daylight. No one has twenty four hour access to natural daylight except if you travel around the world, but then you will travel for the rest of your life and no one will see your make up. By all means try to avoid fluorescent lighting as this makes your skin look flushed and gives your skin a not so wonderful bluish-green tone.

Secondly, when planning lighting around a makeup mirror you must consider shadows. When you apply makeup, you must make sure that the light is spread over the skin evenly so that none of your facial features are shadowed.

The third aspect to take into consideration is adaptability of makeup lighting. Get dimmers so that you can change the brightness of the light to see what your make up looks like in different light settings. Remember that different lighting schemes might be affected by the type of makeup you put on. This feature also allows you to use bright lights to apply makeup around the eyes and lips.

Another great tip is to use overhead lighting. So to keep your make up from looking like a clown, use the right lighting. This will make sure that you look great, no matter where you are and who you are with.

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