Quick makeup tips for girls in a rush

Quick make up tips for the busy days

For those busy days, use these quick makeup tips!

Living in an age of electronic calendars and a constant expectancy to multi task in the 12 hours you have daily, makeup sometimes is the last thing you have time for.

It is however a fact that looking good makes you feel good; and for any girl makeup is their ticket to that added touch of confidence.

With some help from Tanith Carey we bring to you top tips on how to look fabulous in minutes.

Buy make-up that does multiple jobs
Look for products that do two, or even three, things at the same time. So buy mascara that curls and lengthens to avoid having to fiddle around with an eyelash curler. Or try gels that double as lip glosses.

Use eye whitener drops
For quick results when you need most, try whitener drops. You will look as fresh as a daisy.

The drops are blue in color, which will counteract the red or yellow tint in your eye, making them appear brighter and whiter. Be careful not to use them on a regular basis, as you can get what’s called “rebound redness,” which basically means that your eyes will look white a few minutes after using the drops, and then the redness will return hours later with continued use.

Try nailpens
If you want polished nails, try nail pens in a neutral colour. They dry in seconds. But use a colour close to your natural shade, so your nails don’t look bad if they get chipped.

Magnetic attractions
To keep your dressing table functioning as efficiently as possible, stick a large magnet on the wall to hold must-haves such as tweezers and safety pins, plus a needle and thread for emergency clothes repairs.

Go for tinted moisturizer
Tinted moisturiser does three things at once: it gives coverage, moisturises and offers sun protection. Look for a product with light diffusing particles to brighten up your skin.

Dye your lashes
This is a brilliant thing to do once a month. Waking up and looking like you already have mascara on gives you an instant lift and saves time.

Get your eyebrows shaped
Go to a professional to get the correct basic shape. It will take ten minutes and will make you look younger and less tired. Then carry tweezers with you and pluck stray hairs as soon as they appear. It’s the easiest way to make your face look groomed without make-up.

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