Is the Peacock Eye Design Still Trending?

Peacock Eye Design

For eye shadow trends, the peacock eye design is a must-have look for 2015.

Makeup Trends in 2015

The Peacock eye design is a trend that has been seen around the world, becoming big in 2014. Fashion experts predict the style will continue to rock the makeup trends in 2015 as it incorporates bold colors around the eyes and allows for individual creativity.

What is the Peacock Eye Design?

The peacock eye design is a style that lets you make the most of those vibrant shades in your makeup bag. The name of this hot fashion trend comes from how the eyelid looks like it has spectacularly colorful feathers like a peacock.

How to Master the Eye Shadow Trends

According to makeup experts, the best local combination of makeup colours for the peacock eye design is makeup that is bright red, yellow, green or blue. Don’t shy away from colour! Sweep at least three layers of assorted shades of shadows in a feather fashion, one under the other, across the entire eyelid.

To finish the look with ultimate sophistication, add black eyeliner to the top of your lid. In addition, try adding sparkle to your lids too with sparkling eye shadow that is also one of the leading 2015 fashion trends. The sparkle draws attention to your eyes beautifully!

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