Make-up tips for eyeglasses wearers

Make-up tips for eyeglasses wearers


If you wear glasses, you might feel like applying make-up is a waste of time. Your glasses hide everything, right? Wrong – you can still look beautiful if you use the correct make-up. Follow these simple tips to see a beautiful you – despite your glasses!
Tip 1: Always apply eyeliner

While it makes sense to neglect applying eyeliner because your glasses will hide it, the opposite is actually true. Your glasses have a magnifying effect, so in truth, every facial feature behind your glasses is emphasized. Because glasses blur the shape of your eyes, you should always apply eyeliner in order to restore lost definition. Your upper eyelid will possibly be covered by the rim of your glasses, so apply eyeliner to the lower lid of your eye. Be careful not to smudge your eyeliner when applying it as your glasses will act as a magnifier.
Tip 2: Blush your cheekbones

In order to make your face stand out when you wear glasses, apply a nice coloured blush on your cheekbones. Don’t apply your blush too heavily. Your glasses become the main focus of your face, so a heavy blush would appear messy and clown-like. Make sure you apply a colour that matches your skin colour. To see which colour suits you best, make use of this blush secret: make a fist with your hand and keep it contracted for about ten seconds. The resulting colour of your fingers, should be the colour of the blush you choose.
Tip 3: Groom your eyebrows

Your glasses will attract extra attention to your eyes and eyebrows, so make sure you groom and shape your eyebrows properly and keep them combed upwards. Don’t pluck them every day, instead pluck once a week, preferably before going to bed. Don’t fuss with the shape of your eyebrows too much – one mistake can leave you browless. Define your brows by taking a pencil that’s a few shades darker than your natural shade and draw a nice angled arch. This part you can fill with your pencil. Be careful not to draw curved arches as you still want to appear youthful and fresh. Ensure that your brows are neat and even and you’re good to go!
Tip 4: Don’t be too matchy-matchy!

While it might sound awesome to wear a bright-red lipgloss to match your shiny red glasses frame, it really does depend on your skin-tone whether you will actually pull this look off. Try to compliment your frame’s colour with your make up, like if your frames have a warm undertone, use warm toned eyeshadow or lipstick. Experiment with different colours regarding your make-up, and if you are still unsure of what works, be on the safe side and wear neutral colours like gray, brown, black and olive. It’s guaranteed to match every frame shade!
Gone are the days when glasses ruined make up! Take back the power to change your look and make your glasses work for you!

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