Reasons to love makeup

There are all sorts of stories of how bad makeup is for your skin and how much money it is costing to look good. But why do women now worry about that? Why do we need makeup in our lives?

Well, here are some reasons that the Face to Face Roodepoort team has for loving their makeup:

love makeup

1.         It puts me in a good mood

That might sound silly, but it is true. Applying makeup is like painting good stuff over all the bad stuff that makes us feel sad. To be able to experiment with different looks – testing sparkly eye shadow or pink lipstick or a new fluffy powder brush makes us happy. Okay?


2.         It’s actually more for me than for anyone else

Yes, it is true that girls wear makeup often for the sole reason to impress guys or even other girls. This is true. But what is also true is that more than anyone else, I feel good about myself when I’m wearing makeup. It gives me that extra boost in confidence that I need to face the day!


3.         It looks nice. End of story

Whenever my friends ask me to do their makeup, I feel like an artist. That’s because makeup is an art, there are no limits and no failures. Try out different combinations and the worst that can happen is that it will turn out a mess. And then? Wet wipe. Face. Rub. Start again.


4.         It works like auto correct. Sort of.

Some girls feel themselves cursed with horrible under-eye circles or skin patches due to uneven skin tone. Makeup helps us to fix this. Our first time using concealer and discovering its power feels to us like witnessing a miracle. And then it stays and we can use it every single day! Who would not do that?


5.         It’s a way for us to express ourselves

Girls with little to no makeup typically prefer to not be noticed or stand out of a group of people. On the other hand, a woman with dramatic eye shadow, high blushed cheekbones and extravagant lipstick lets you see a different side of how a woman can express herself. Makeup says a lot about a woman that she usually wouldn’t say in words.


These are only 5 reasons for why we at Face to Face Roodepoort love makeup. What are your reasons for loving makeup?

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