The dangers of lace weaves

Okay, so its payday and your hair looks bad. So you and your girls go to the nearest salon for lace weaves or at least some extensions.

It will make you feel good, right? Well, maybe not. There is a bad side to having weaves too – I see you shaking your head in disbelief, but it’s true!

lace weaves

Weaves and hair extensions are very popular and used by many different types of women all across the world. Women use it to enhance their look and to be honest – it does look great! So why is it dangerous?

Well, the two biggest problems associated with weaves are the tension or traction of the braiding process and lack of moisture.

While the hair is being braided, extensions are applied or when either is taken out, there is lots of tension on the hair as it is being pulled to secure the braid properly. This can lead to what is called traction alopecia, which means you can experience hair loss and balding from the pulling and excess weight on your roots. The hair loss originates from the loosening of the hair shaft from the follicle as well as by chronic inflammation. Extensions could possibly cause hair tangling, matting, loss of shine, itchiness and pain. This tension could lead to chronic headaches and possibly lots of wasted money in doctor’s fees looking for a problem in your head while the problem is actually ON your head.

It is important to remember to take care of your own hair underneath the weave. Make sure you give your hair the moisture and conditioning it needs in between your different weaves. Also give your scalp some resting periods where you do not have a weave in.

The good news is that all of the dangers associated with wearing a weave, is avoidable – all you have to do, is take care of your OWN hair first! What other dangers have you heard of when it comes to wearing a weave?

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