International Diploma in Hairdressing – what next?

International Diploma in Hairdressing

After getting your international diploma in hairdressing, what should you do next?

Your International Diploma in Hairdressing from FACE to FACE Roodepoort can prepare you for many careers in the personal styling industry. Turn your personality and degree to sales of hair care products products or become a manager of a salon.

Hairdressing courses prepare you to become an full blown hairdresser. You can make your clients look and feel amazing. A hairdresser can cut and style a clients hair to give them a new look. You can use your exclusive certification and education on cruise lines, in salons, and at resorts. The doors are open wide; you just have to walk through that door.

One of the premier careers you can seek out is as a hairdresser in TV and film. After you have received your certificate from one of many leading hairdressing schools, you can find fame and fortune and possibly an academy award in makeup and hairdressing. Your awesome schooling at FACE to FACE Roodepoort gave you new and practical work skills, taught you about creative design, shapes and styles, and trained you to pay attention to detail.

Working in the entertainment industry is very different than working in a salon. You will be able to apply the different techniques you learned, and you will work with the production designer and director. It will be your job to help decide on styles and looks and pull them all together. An entertainment hairdresser sets up their department, prepares their budget, and orders stocks and facilities that are required.

There are endless opportunities in hairdressing. Once you have your diploma you are literally a “cut” above the rest, and you have exciting possibilities in style and grooming. Successful hairdressers can take their pick from many top jobs. Be the one who prepares a supermodel’s hair for her runway walk, work for magazines and photographers at photo shoots or just take care of the hair of the rich and famous.

Hairdressing does take hard work and dedication. The hours can be long and sometimes unsociable, but the rewards are many and make up for the distressing parts of the job. How many jobs give you the chance to try out new things and meet new people? This profession trains you to be creative. You are responsible for how your clients look.

If you do not want to be in the entertainment or modeling world, open up your own salon. Hire other stylists to work for you and brighten up the day with your skills. The hairdressing industry is creative, glamorous and dynamic. There are many fast paced opportunities for jobseekers in this career path. As a qualified hairdresser, you will also be expected to be a consultant. Listen, give advice, and decide what style will be best for your clients. You will need to wash and blow dry different types of hair. Cutting and styling is the most common function of a hairdresser. You will also need to learn perming and curling. Coloring, bleaching and tinting is a huge part of the creative options for a hairdresser.

As a hairdresser you have the opportunity to change someone’s world. You know what they say “change is as good as a haircut”. By completing your International Diploma in Hairdressing at FACE to FACE Roodepoort you will open up your world and become the change that you want to see in the world, one haircut at a time.

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