What is Image Consultancy?

You’ve heard of image consultancy and you may (or may not) have a rough idea of what it means – so is it for you?

Alright, so you like putting together different outfits and accessories to create a new look for yourself or friends, your friends actually ask you for styling advice or ask your opinion with a pic via Whatsapp before they buy that new dress. You actually enjoy helping people in a bit of a personal and professional development way and it keeps you so busy that you could actually make a living out of it if you charged them money. You are the number one go-to girl for someone who needs help standing out from the crowd. Well, maybe you should consider Image Consultancy. What’s that? you ask. Let me tell you.

image consultancy

An image consultant guides people in presenting themselves to their best advantage and so helps them to express their highest potential. Image consultancy focus on three key areas of visual impact:

  • Physical appearance
  • Behaviour
  • Communication


By utilizing the learning environments most comfortable and convenient to people, an image consultant will offer their expertise via a personal consultation, a telephonic coaching session, a presentation to their team, a seminar for employees or even a workshop at their annual conference – whatever suits their needs.

They focus on some of the following areas:

  • Wardrobe consultations
  • Color consultations
  • Personal shopping
  • Clothing or uniform designer
  • Hair and makeup styling
  • Etiquette consultations
  • Executive presence coach
  • Fashion feng shui
  • Image motivational speaker or presenter
  • Image branding

And work with some of the following people:

  • Media personalities
  • Politicians
  • Corporate professionals
  • Professional speakers
  • Individuals who are tall, full-figured or petite
  • Exclusively with men, women, teens or children.


Image consultancy is a growing trend and the opportunities are endless. What do you think – is this something you would consider doing?

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