The hair and makeup qualification that jump-starts your career

The hair and makeup industry have high standards – get the qualification that will help you succeed!

You might come from a family tree of hair and makeup experts or you have a natural talent.

Although it might come handy it is not enough anymore to be successful in the industry.

In modern times consumers are willing to spend thousands on hair and makeup but on the flipside of the coin they demand value for their money.

The only way to give them that value is to provide an expert service backed by and academic qualification.

In essence it is simple a qualified makeup artist or hairdresser is more than just someone who delivers a service. They understand their clients’ needs and recommend what’s best for them.

When studying to become a makeup artist or a hairdresser you’ll for example learn the importance of knowing a client’s medical background, which will influence the recommendations you make and the products you use.

To emphasize the importance of an academic qualification when considering a career in hair we take a look at the following:

The qualification VS experience debate

It would be rather unwise not to consider the benefits of gaining a qualification in any career choice. In the hair and makeup industry we provide the following reasons why:

  • It updates you with new knowledge about the ever changing industry and products
  • It offers you an opportunity to work for your salon or workplace of choice
  • You gain a ‘qualification’ over your peers and thus derive a mental edge over them


The value of having experts teach you the trade

Why need a teacher when you have Google, right? Wrong.

The value of an expert teacher in the hair and makeup industry, (like we have at Face to Face) includes the following:

  • You are supported and trained by experienced stylists and passionate individuals who want you to succeed.
  • You get first hand advice every step of the way. Whether it is on giving your first haircut or beauty treatment, building your clientele, or preparing for examination,
  • You receive guidance to develop your own identity and style as an artist.



The value of practical courses

A versatile skill set will enhance your chances of success in any role and that is why practical application of knowledge in the hair and makeup industry is vital.

This statement can be supported with the following:

  • Evidence shows that practical learning is highly valued and that it is very much supported by government.
  • Practical experience sharpens your skills and abilities.
  • Students gain confidence in their own work ability trough practice.


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