Hair and makeup industry: The number one career choice

Once you are qualified to work in the hair and makeup industry, the career choices are endless!

Have you always been fascinated by hair and professional makeup. Do you get a certain fulfilment from making people feel good about themselves by using these as tools?

A career in hair and makeup has then probably crossed your mind many times. All you now need is that qualification- right?

We at Face to Face want to provide you with just some of the reasons why you should enrol at Hairdressing and Make up design school.

When enrolling to study the hair and makeup industry you have an array of different short courses to choose from.
At Face to Face Roodepoort we offer just that- short courses that are perfect for students who work full time and for anyone who wants to learn a certain skill without spending a lot of time in class.

Financial Aid
Financial aid is available to those who qualify. There are also a number of scholarships and loans that prospective students can apply for. Face to Face is serious about helping students pay for their studies to ultimately deliver top hair and makeup experts.

Be Your Own Boss
One of the great rewards of completing one or more of the courses is that large numbers of graduates end up owning their own businesses or going off on their own to freelance. You can run a salon or be someone’s personal stylist. The possibilities are endless!

Fun & Fulfilling Career
Once qualified in the hair and makeup industry graduates often travel for their job. Whether it be destination weddings, fashion shows or photo shoots, qualifications in hair and makeup open a whole unexplored world.
Added fulfillment is the confidence boost hair and makeup experts gift their customers with.

The Hair and Makeup Industry Isn’t Going Anywhere
Statistics show that the industry is growing in all aspects. It makes perfect sense when you think that- people will always want a haircut, look good for a special event or treat a loved one or themselves to a makeover.

career in hair and makeup industry

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