Get that smokey eye look.

Get that smokey eye look.



Styles and trends go out of fashion in what seems like an instant. Because of this, it may often be difficult to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends and styles.


However, one aspect that, although it is constantly changing or adapting to other aspects of style, remains technique-laden and it is quite possible to learn how to apply it, no matter what they trend it at the time. This aspect is makeup.


Women often spend the bulk of their preparation time on their makeup, as it takes more time than anything else. The following is a short description on how to apply what is known as a ‘smokey look’ to your eyelids in a short amount of time.


The first thing you should do is establishing the colours you would like to use. Using three shades will allow you to create distinct layers that will create a light to dark effect on your eyelids. Once these have been established and prepared, begin by applying the lightest shade to your entire eyelid. This will form the base, and will appear as your outline.


Next, use the middle shade on the outside and the middle of your lid, creating a contrast between the two shades going from light to dark. Apply more generously for a darker appearance.


The last shade will go over the medium blended area, which will have acted as a transition to the darker shade. This shade should be blended outward to avoid the appearance of a distinct stopping point for the colour.

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