International Diploma in Hairdressing

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Duration: One-year full time, 2 years part-time
Starting: 4 February 2019 - 4 December 2019
Times: Monday to Friday (08:30 to 16:00)

Course Pricing:

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Deposit: R 12 000, 00 to be paid with enrolment, to secure your seat.

Registration: R 10 500, 00 to be paid on the 6th of October 2018 with registration.

First-year Tuition Fee, Kit, learning material and assessments:

R 4 300, 00 per month for a period of 11 months (31/01/2019 to 30/11/2019)

Second Year Fee: R 800, 00 per month for a period of 11 months (31/01/2020 to 30/11/2020)

Third Year Fee: R 3300, 00 booking for the Trade Test, payable by 1 October 2021


Total cost for the 3-year programme: R 81 900.00

Why take this specific hairdressing course?

More than any other beauty care; people desire the expertise of a professional hairdresser. Hairdressing is an important lifelong industry, fulfilling the needs of all people from toddlers to adults. Good hairdressers are in short supply and will never have a problem finding employment nationally and internationally.

We are accredited to offer both National & International hairdressing qualifications which makes us one of the best institutions worldwide, furthermore, we are an accredited Trade Test Centre, which means that learners will complete their whole hairdressing journey with us.

We only take 20 students per year on this exclusive 3-year course, ensuring that each learner gets the best individual & specialized attention. Learners will receive a comprehensive kit (included in the price) containing professional products and equipment which will be used during training.
Learners will complete their National Hairdressing Qualification Accredited by the Department of Higher Education & Training (DHET), as well as the International Diploma in Hairdressing (Level 2 & 3) as follows:

Year 1:

During the first year, learners will study full-time towards their National & International Hairdressing Qualification. The Level 2 International Hairdressing Diploma will be completed and issued by the end of the 1st year.

Year 2:

During the second year, learners will study part-time and attend classes once a week on a Monday while the rest of the week they work full-time in a salon to do their Workplace Hours as required by DHET. The Level 3 International Hairdressing Diploma will be completed and issued by the end of the 2nd year.

Year 3:

During the third year, learners will work full-time in the salon to complete their Workplace Hours required by DHET. They will attend Trade Test Preparation Sessions during this year, to prepare them for the National Hairdressing Trade Test that will be conducted at our centre the end of the year.

Learners will complete their NQF Level 4 National Hairdressing Qualification and the DHET will issue their Red-Seal Trade Test Certificate. The entry requirement for the National Qualification is a Grade12 Certificate or alternatively a Grade 10 with a Foundational Learning Competency Certificate (FLC) which learners can obtain from the Independent Examination Board (IEB). If the learner does not have a Grade 12 Certificate or a Grade 10 with an FLC Certificate; it may be obtained during the 3 years of study – assistance/guidance will be given.

Learners need to contact the academy to book an enrolment interview with the registrar or principal where all the courses and procedures will be explained to the learner and their sponsor.

Course Subjects Include:
  • Health & Safety
  • Consultation services for clients
  • Shampoo, condition and treat scalp and hair
  • Hair styling techniques (blow wave, thermal styling, roller setting)
  • Pin curl and finger waves
  • Anatomy & physiology on hair
  • Market retail products and services in the salon environment
  • Advanced head massage
  • Cut and shape gents hair to create a variety of looks
  • Cut and shape ladies hair to create a variety of looks
  • Barbering - Hot towel and shaving service
  • Hair colouring services
  • Perming services to create a variety of looks
  • Chemical relaxing services for African-type hair
  • Style & finish African type women’s hair (braiding, weaving and dreadlock techniques)
  • Advanced hair colouring services
  • Colour correction services
  • Advanced cutting techniques
  • Competition techniques
  • Creative hairdressing skills
  • Bridal hair
  • Make and style hair additions
  • Perform a hair extension service
  • Product training
  • Human resource management within the hair and beauty sector
  • Business studies & marketing
  • First aid