Fake blood – make it at home!

Fake blood

In order for movies or theatrical appearances to be believable, they will most of the time use fake blood in order to increase the suspense and drama.

Fake blood is not harmful at all, instead it’s just something that is specifically designed to provide a fake look for the audience, yet it looks realistic enough to scare them at the same time.

Fake blood is considered a must by any special effects make-up artists, as this is used very often in media productions. However, you can also opt for homemade fake blood for things such as Halloween for example, as this is when you will have the opportunity to scare your friends.

There are multiple ways to create fake blood, some more believable than others, but if you want to opt for homemade fake blood, then you will need to grab a few ingredients.

You will need some corn syrup, water, assorted food coloring, cornstarch, chocolate syrup, white towel, powder cocoa and some tropical fruit punch.

In order to get a believable effect from the food coloring, you will need to use a normal red color, otherwise the fake blood might become way too bright, much more than you would expect.

The best way to get fake blood is to grab all the ingredients displayed above, throw them into the mixer then wait for a little while until everything settles down. The whole process of creating fake blood is not hard, instead finding the necessary ingredients and placing the right amount of food coloring is essential if you want to get a believable blood color, as this can literally make the difference between the authenticity that your fake blood brings into the mix.

If you want to use the homemade fake blood as special effects make-up, then you need to make sure that you are bringing the best possible adjustments to your mixtures. First, you will have to use as much corn syrup as you need in order to thicken the liquid, as well as ad cornstarch when you want to make it less transparent. Remember that the fake blood needs to be red and non-transparent if you want it believable, and by doing that you will certainly get the best chance of scaring the audiences.

If you want a fake blood with a darker color, then opting for the powdered cocoa and the chocolate syrup is very important, because this way you will be able to get the red-brown color that blood does have from time to time.

Also, if by any case you need to make the fake blood a little brown, then you might want to opt for the green food coloring items, as these are ideal if you want to change the food coloring towards brown for example. In this case, with the mix of red and green you will get the brown approach that you need in order to make your fake blood authentic.

In conclusion, fake blood is far from being harmful; instead it provides you with the best way to create special effects quickly and without too many costs. Homemade fake blood can be used in a wide range of situations, which include Halloween for example, but even local shows can benefit from that as well.

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