A day in the life of a Face to Face Roodepoort student

Face to Face Roodepoort

To all curious as to what it’s like in the shoes of a Face to Face Roodepoort student, read on!

Beyond the doors of FACE to FACE Roodepoort exists an exciting world of make-up, hairdressing and special effects.

A FACE to FACE Roodepoort student was kind enough to share her experience at this family-owned, professional hairdressing and make-up design school.

Let’s have a look at a typical day in the life of a FACE to FACE Roodepoort student.

FACE to FACE Roodepoort students don’t have a lot of preparation to do in the mornings. They get to enjoy some social time with fellow students before class. They also then swop some useful make up tips.

After sharing make up tips among each other, students head to class at 9am. Here, they explore the practical and theoretical side to make up artistry. During this much-enjoyed class, they get introduced to a make-up style such as 1920’s make-up, for example.

One student applies the make up on another before break and then they reverse roles. Subsequently, each person will get the opportunity to practice their newly-acquired skills.

At 1pm, students may head home, but they often spend more time practicing make up on one another; an activity they refer to as a “good excuse to socialize”.

Once at home, they complete their assignments and look forward to the next day.

“I have quite a bit of free time. Life here is great! I have not made a mistake to come to FACE to FACE Roodepoort,” announces a FACE to FACE Roodepoort student.

FACE to FACE Roodepoort was started in 2005 by Mrs Louise van der Merwe.

Courses they offer include Hairdressing, Make-up Artistry, Special Effects and various Modular or Part-time courses. No matric is needed to enroll at FACE to Face Roodepoort and the minimum age requirement is 16-years.

The school are held in high esteem by the industry as well as educational authorities.

They offer both nationally and internationally accredited courses.  Nationally they are accredited by Services SETA and internationally accredited by City & Guilds.


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