What are all the different eyeliners for?

From pencil, to liquid to gel.. what are all the different eyeliners for?

Most people can get overwhelmed when it comes to making the right decisions while applying makeup. Since there are so many different products and ways to use them, sometimes it can become confusing when you try decide on which one to choose. Eyeliners especially are so varied in colour, style, efficacy and purpose that even the thought of having to choose between three types – pencil, liquid or gel – becomes an issue if you don’t know what each of them is meant to be used for. It is important to remember that the three types are completely different, and can all be used depending on the situation you’re faced with.

Pencil liner is probably the most known liner on the market. It is available in countless colors and textures and it’s the easiest to use. Most pencils can be also used on waterline, and is easy to smudge for a smoky look. Since it is a pencil, however, it will need to be sharpened regularly, and it is harder to create sharp, thin lines because of the hardness of the point. Pencil lines also smudge easily, so they don’t necessarily last all day.

Liquid liners are only slightly less popular than pencil, and are also available in countless colors. Most liquid liners usually come with different tips so you can use what’s best for you. These liners are usually long-lasting, and because of the different kinds of tips you can attach, can be precise in creating thin and intense lines. Although because it is liquid, it is more difficult to apply, and will need a steady hand in order to avoid creating a huge mess,so it may not be suitable for beginners. Since it is liquid, it is not to be used on the waterline, and may be harder to remove because any touching or attempted wiping may cause smudging if not done correctly.

Gel liners are available in a large range of colors. Because they are firm enough not to run, they are suitable for use on the lower eyelid, or waterline. Gel also tends to be long-lasting and usually waterproof. Since it forms a middle point between the pencil and liquid, it can be used for creating what ever line you desire. It can be used also as an eyeshadow, as it is easy to spread over a large surface while retaining its colour and coverage. In order to apply it, however, you will need a different brush from the kind you use for pencil or liquid. If you’re not careful, it may dry quickly in the jar, so keep it closed tightly when not in use.

different eyeliners

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