Achieving a conservative look in the workplace

Even though the workplace is becoming more and more casual, there is still, there is still a need for a conservative look in a professional setting.

Sure, we accept that wearing jeans with a button down shirt is fine for everyday business, unless you’re Donald Trump, but for the most part, we try fit the mould as much as possible. This is especially true for women in the workplace, whose image in some cases matters more than their skills. Looking professional, for women, is much more than just wearing the right outfit, because many women chose to wear makeup, where men don’t usually have that extra later to worry about that could possibly taint their professional look. Here are a few tips on how to keep your makeup choices appropriate for the workplace:

  1. Keep Skin Clean

Clean and moisturize your skin regularly. Daily cleaning, exfoliation and miniaturization are the basics that you should incorporate in your daily schedule. Your skin will remain fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

  1. Foundation and Concealer

Use a light foundation and concealer to evenly tone your face. This will give you a smooth appearance and will mask up all marks and blemishes, if present. Apply a light daytime blush on your cheek bones. Blend it properly and evenly for a smoother look. Use a shade that compliments your skin tone and is not too dark. Bright colors are completely out of place, and should definitely be left for the nights out on the weekend.

  1. The Eyes Have It!

DO not use dark and bright shades for your eye makeup. Use a black or brown eye color. Enhance your eyelashes with either transparent or black waterproof mascara. Black or brown eyeliners are recommended for workplace as they are not too garish. Smoky eyes are best suited for office environments. Avoid using fake lashes at your office. Imagine if you have glue malfunctioning with eyelashes while in an important official meeting.

  1. Use Neutral Dull Lip Shades

Use neutral lip shades like beige to add some colour to your lips without drawing too much attention to them. Keep as close to your natural lip skin tone as possible. This way, they are subtle and at the same time give you a great look.

  1. Use light Skin Colored Nail Paints

Applying lighter shades of nail paints is highly recommended for your workplace. Dark and cherry colored nails are harsh to look at. So keep them subtle and down-toned. Try to keep short and well manicured nails. Long nails are hard to maintain and may cause injury. So file them properly and keep manageable nails.

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