Airbrushing in special effects make-up


Airbrushing has managed to become one of the most interesting tendencies in make-up, and this practice has entered the special effects make-up realm as well.

Usually, airbrushing means that an airbrush is used in order to apply the make-up on the face of a person and it’s widely used mainly because it can cover a larger portion of the human body faster, which makes it the best solution in numerous situations.

Airbrushing was first introduced in tattoo shops, but nowadays it’s very popular in the TV and movie industry because it removes all facial problems or at least hides them from the audience, and instead it creates a believable look. When it comes to special effects make-up, applying airbrushes on a prosthetic will provide that feeling of authenticity that you simply can’t find anywhere else. In fact, with the help of airbrushing you will have the opportunity of giving the prosthetic life, since you will use the same techniques that are normally applied on a person.

Airbrushing recipes for special effects make-up are usually the same like in the case of normal make-up. There are 6 different types of formulas, each one suitable for various projects, and the thing that varies here is density. Some are water based, other are polymer water based, others are based on polymer SD40, while you can also find some based on alcohol or silicone. These type of airbrushing can be combined in order to give that authentic look that you might want from a believable prosthetic.

Face to Face Roodepoort is a company that has been using this type of special effects make-up for quite a while now and they can apply it with complete success on virtually any type of prosthetic or even on persons if needed. Face to Face Roodepoort is known as one of the best special effects make-up schools in the Johannesburg area.

The airbrushing technique is definitely one of the most impressive ones in special effects make-up, however it does manage to stand out thanks to some really interesting features. It’s much easier to perform when compared to other similar techniques because it releases only the desired amount of spray in the air, providing the make-up artists with complete control over the result. This means that you will get a result that is more precise and beautiful as well.

Special effects make-up has been successfully using the airbrushing technique for quite a long time, and the technology will continue to be developed as time passes. You can be certain that if you study at Face to Face Roodepoort you will have the opportunity to experience the airbrushing technique first hand, and this is one amazing way to see how the special effects make-up process is performed.

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