7 Unknown Makeup Facts!

7 unknown makeup facts

So, you think you know everything about makeup? I bet you didn’t know about these 7 unknown makeup facts!

Read on to test your knowledge with these 7 make up facts that are not known by many people outside of professional makeup schools.

  1. How to Properly Apply Concealer

When you want to cover up any black circles under the eyes, be careful, not to put concealer along the entire underneath of your eye. Instead, tilt your head down when you’re in front of the mirror and see where the shadows fall; that is where you need to apply the concealer lightly for a more natural look.

  1. Applying Blush Properly Depends on Your Face Shape

That’s right; there’s no one-method-fits-all here. Apply blush based on your face shape in order to best shape and enhance your features. If you have an oval face, for example, apply the blush farther away from the nose than a heart or long shaped face. This is just one of the useful make up facts you can learn from professional makeup courses.

  1. Sometimes Compliments are Fake

When you are shopping for makeup, and you try a sample, have you noticed that the salesperson says you look really pretty in the first colour you try? Usually, salespeople use this complimenting strategy to bring women to their counter. It’s a way to get the consumer to open up about what they are looking for so that the beauty professional can offer suitable products.

  1. Dirty Makeup Brushes are Blurring Your Application

You have likely heard that you need to clean your makeup brushes regularly. But do you know that one reason to do so is because the pigment that’s all over those brushes is blurring your makeup application? It’s true, say teachers at South African makeup schools. Rather than getting a clean line, it will appear muddied with a dirty brush.

  1. You’re Testing Your Foundation Colour Wrong

Many people test the colour of foundation on the skin on the back of their hands. However, looking at the make up facts, this method is obviously all wrong as you will be wearing the foundation on your face, not your hands. The shade of your hand and face are likely different. For this reason, blot a bit of foundation on your jawline rather than your hand when you are testing out what colour to use.

  1. When to Replace Your Mascara

Sure, you probably already know to replace your mascara when it gets clumpy and dry in the tube, but what if it hasn’t gotten that way and you’ve had it 6 months? To prevent the mascara from developing bacteria that can lead to pink eye and other eye infections if you use it, replace it every 3 to 4 months.

  1. How to Avoid a Cakey, Fake Foundation

Once you have the right foundation colour, as explained in #5 on the make up facts list, make sure you have the best type for your skin. Avoid getting a cakey lack by investing in a moisturising foundation that is lightweight. The result will be a dewy look that is long lasting and doesn’t get dry.

Do you want to know more make up facts? This is just one of the many subjects taught in professional makeup courses in South Africa.


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