Always remove makeup before you go sleep

Many cosmetics companies have developed multiple product lines that claim to be long lasting, and that will stay in place through being exposed to water or being slept in. While these products seem fantastic, and will allow women around the world to focus on more important aspects of their lives than whether or not their makeup is running or smudged, it also means that they are leaving themselves exposed to some of the most common problems that occur when makeup is left on for too long. Here are a few reasons why it is always a good idea to remove makeup, regardless of how long it is supposed to last.

Leaving your foundation and eyeliner on while you sleep, even though they promise to be non-smudge, will eventually cause them to flake or run, either by being smudged by your hand or by rubbing against a pillow. This will not only ruin the pillow and other fabrics that will definitely be a hassle to get clean, but it will also leave makes running all the way down your face. It would be much simpler and easier to handle if you just took a few minutes out of your evening to remove the makeup before getting into bed.

Most of us don’t realize all of the moving we do when we’re asleep. We toss and turn and change positions more than you’d think. We also do things like rub our eyes without even knowing we’re doing it. This simple act can draw product into your eyes and really hurt. More fluid products like liquid liner or cream eyeshadow are even easier to get into your eyes, often with painful results.

Leaving any of your makeup on your face, especially your foundation, means that for the eight to twelve hours that you’re asleep, your skin won’t be breathing properly. Your pores will become clogged with product, and as you know, this can cause skin reactions like pimples and blackheads, which in many cases is a reason in itself to apply even more makeup, causing an endless cycle of application and removal. Instead, avoid the unnecessary build up from happening in the first place. If you have clean, breathable skin, you are much less likely to encounter any blemishes in the future

Not only is leaving your make-up on harmful for your skin, but make-up that has been on for too long and subjected to pollution in the air can be especially harmful if it ends up in your eyes. The same goes for foundation that can travel up to your eye area and cause infection or other kinds of extensive damage to an extremely delicate part of your body. When you’re awake, you can easily prevent damage to your eyes, but when you’re sound asleep, you won’t know that anything has gone into the lid until it is too late.


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